If Pictures Tell A Thousand Words…

Hello friends!!

So I am sorry to say that I am a terrible blogger…I think it is the time commitment and the feeling of a lack of eloquent wording. One thing I am certain that I love and can conquer though is the beauty of the moment in pictures. In a way at times I feel like the paparazzi, but later feel as if a memory captured makes it most definitely worth it! So I have come to a conclusion about the relationship between blogging and myself…so long as “a picture captures a million words” rings true…I will do my best to update you all through photos and snapshots of the MANY amazing moments, both big and small, that have occurred on our crazy adventure thus far in S.A.! Thus, I have created a collage here of our team adventure to the Seaview Lion Park as well as our lovely adventure to one of the many gorgeous beaches here in the Eastern Cape. We had a wonderful time there doing everything from petting the lion cubs, naming a giraffe Jeffery (And Keith preceding to talk with his new friend), creating our own versions of “The Circle of Life” and letting our creative side come out in the beautiful sand on the beach. It was a great start to the coming year and the adventures of living in South Africa! Keepin it short and sweet!


Sending love from P.E.! <3, Karissa


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